What should be analyzed?

The equipment you depend on.

equipment-you-depend-onEquipment drives your business, and maximizing its performance will keep you on the road to success. Regardless of the type of equipment you use, we will help you make the informed maintenance decisions that keep you running strong.

Our customer base is diverse; if using oil, tests can be made. Training can be organized to educate on the importance of fluid analysis. A lot of money can be saved each year in lost production and equipment replacement costs.



How is the health of your equipment?

Do you:

  • constantly feel you are pouring money into repairs?
  • have to continually stock spare parts/backup units?
  • feel you are increasing maintenance overtime hours?

Start saving today

Many companies find it hard to identify how much money fluid analysis saves them. It is important to understand the health of your equipment and sometimes hard to put a euro amount on how much you didn't spend on repairs. You and we together, we can maximize the return on your investment so you can manage an even more effective and profitable operation.


It is fully possible and often quite warranted to have a different oil analysis strategy for different components assigned to the oil analysis program. The appropriate oil analysis strategy should be assigned based on component criticality. Understanding component criticality is absolutely vital in establishing an appropriate oil analysis strategy.  Some examples:





Compressors come in all shapes, sizes and applications. Some are critical to operations, and some are easily replaced. Manufacturing lines, refrigeration and gas compression all rely on compressor uptime, making compressor reliability critical to entire operations.

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Oil analysis can identify the four biggest engine killers before it’s too late. Whether you are in the power generation, off-highway, mining or transportation industries, routine testing can tell you what’s happening inside your equipment.

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Gear Systems


Gearboxes are located in cleaner environments than mobile equipment. A.o. mining equipment is more susceptible to water + dirt contamination, vibration due to misalignment + fluid properties is a more common cause of abnormal equipment wear in industry.

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Hydraulic systems operate under extremely close tolerances and high pressure, making them susceptible to small amounts of contamination. Keeping the environment clean in industrial settings can reduce the risk of contamination, but a.o. mining equipment expose their hydraulic systems to large amounts of dust and water.

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Mobile power transmissions, including differentials, final drives and planetaries are susceptible to dirt and water contamination due to their location on equipment, especially in the off-highway and mining conditions. Plus, the hydraulic qualities of automatic transmissions make them even more sensitive to dirt and water.

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Energy reliability is essential, so scheduling turbine maintenance can improve the bottom line of any energy generating unit. Oil drains for power-generating turbines are expensive because they require other energy pro- ducers to cover the gap in grid; it’s critical to extend drains intervals safely + catch maintenance problems early.

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