Why Testing?

Standard Oil Tests

Several considerations are necessary for implementing and maintaining an effective fluid testing program. When companies transition from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance, they realize greater impact, uptime and savings. These are proven results that drive performance and business success.

Lubricant provides a snapshot of what is happening inside your equipment. It can tell you the condition of the fluid and identify component wear, corrosion or contamination in engines, transmissions, hydraulics, gears, bearings and final drives so that you can:

  • Safely extend drain intervals
  • Maximize asset reliability
  • Extend equipment life
  • Minimize downtime by identifying minor problems before they become major failures
  • Increase resale value

Gathering data about the fluids that help your equipment perform is critical, but the data alone won’t solve your problems. Your data is reviewed and precise recommendations are crafted by the best data analysts in the industry, assuring you get insightful, specific, actionable information fast.

How long does it take to process a sample?

Most routine samples are processed within 24-48 hours. Results and recommendations are available via ®HORIZON (a real-time internet service) within 15 minutes of completion. Reports can also be faxed and/or mailed but are not as quickly available.

Five Standard Tests

The five standard FanPro™ tests that Enluse offers for monitoring of industrial equipment cover:

ISO 4406 - Cleanliness Codes

The International Organization for Standardization created the cleanliness code 4406:1999 to quantify particulate contamination levels per milliliter of fluid at three sizes: 4µ[c], 6µ[c], and 14µ[c]. This ISO code is expressed in 3 numbers: 19/17/14. Each number represents a contaminant level code for the correlating particle size. The code includes all particles of the specified size and larger. It is important to note that each time a code increases the quantity range of particles doubles.

For a complete overview please download the FanPro - ISO 4406 - cleanlinesscode overview.



Standard Tests









































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