RULER (Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine)

Measuring the amount of remaining anti-oxidants

With Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV), oil analysis has a tool to accurately determine the level of anti-oxidants in used oils. The Ruler uses LSV to provide the exact amounts of aminic and phenolic anti-oxidants present in the oil. Testing and monitoring antioxidant additives (oxidation inhibitors) level is important for controlling the degradation of turbine oils and industrial oils and their remaining useful life (RUL). Excessive temperatures, water and/or cleanliness levels of the fluid have a direct relationship to the reduction of antioxidants. By measuring the depletion and available reactivity of these antioxidant compounds while conducting other routine performance tests, the service life of used lubricants can be effectively monitored.


Compressors, hydraulic systems, bearing lube systems, gas and steam turbines circulating systems. During their life time the antioxidants are continually reduced, the remaining life time of oil can be estimated. Accelerated rate of oxidation and degradation of oil occurs if all antioxidants are used. The performance and functionality of the oil will be affected. Eventually also leading to varnishing on certain systems

Standard: ASTM D7590


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