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FanPro Oil Sampling Products

Making your oil analysis program simpler to manage, FanPro can recommend the oil sampling products you need to take samples quickly, easily and accurately, whether it is just a manual pump or tubes or other accessories. For more information, please contact us.

Oil Sampling Pump – Item nr. FP111VP32


Introduction FanPro Oil Sampling Pump

The pump is designed for efficient sampling of fluids under all conditions, in warm and cold weather, in mines as well as under ruff conditions at sea. The fluid goes directly from the object to be sampled into the sampling bottle, without touching the pump, no need for cleaning. All parts are made of high strength plastic and screwed together, easy to take apart. The pump gives up to 95 % vacuum.

Instructions on how to use the Sampling Pump

By following the instructions your sampling job will be quick and safe, without risk of spill or overfilling, and you don’t have to clean the pump between jobs. Important, make sure that the pump is at a higher level than the surface of the fluid you sample, otherwise you will start a siphon and overflow.

For more detailed information, please watch the video below or download the brochure "Handling Instructions for Sampling Pump".




Vacuum Pump Adapter – Item nr. FP-121AD32

adapter for sampling bottles

Pipe Cutting Tool – Item nr. FP-101CT

pipe cutting tool

Sampling Tube 6/4,5 mm – item nr. FP-101TU


Tube Clamp – Item nr. FP-101TC


Pump Footstand – Item nr. FP-111FS