Horizon® – Online Reporting Software Program

HORIZON® is a world-class data management application capable of delivering test results and maintenance recommendations to the right person at the right place and the right time. Using its unique functionality, you can prioritize maintenance issues, identify common trends, and make fluid analysis easier for your team. HORIZON® is designed to accommodate both daily operations and management oversight.

After your samples have been logged, you can track their progress through the laboratory at www.eoilreports.com. After sample processing is completed, a complete fluid analysis report is provided. The report details:

  • equipment and customer information,
  • elemental analysis,
  • sample information,
  • contaminants and fluid properties,
  • recommendations

horizonHORIZON® (online reporting software program), available at www.eoilreports.com, will show you how to get the most from your data through management reports that allow you to effectively:

- keep sampling schedules on track,
- identify bottlenecks in turnaround time,
- track unit and fluid performance,
- influence purchasing decisions.

Lots of important data and recommendations for identifying/correcting root causes of abnormal conditions are produced.

To better understand the results, please read "FanPro Analysis Report" and/or a very detailed explanation in "Horizon® Instructions".

Receive Results Automatically

HORIZON® delivers test results and maintenance recommendations the way you want them and when you want them. You can customize the software to:

  • e-mail individual PDFs for each sample,
  • a daily or weekly e-mail summary of samples or
  • send no e-mail at all.

E-mail notices can be filtered to notify recipients only about certain severities. Special notifications, such as exceeding the NESHAP Quad Z thresholds, also are available. Data transfers are also available to interface directly with your computerized maintenance management system.

Do you have a question, please give us a ring (tel. +31 (0) 76 57 81 280) or fill out our contact form.














Customized Dashboard

You can modify your HORIZON® dashboard to organize the most important information in one convenient place. Intuitive controls and personalized alerts help you eliminate unnecessary data and notifications so you can focus on the most pressing concerns. Whether you have a fleet of trucks to maintain or a plant full of equipment, HORIZON® prevents warnings from slipping through the cracks. Our HORIZON® software is customizable. Using this functionality, you can tailor your maintenance results to fit your busy schedule. Whether you only want to receive reports once a week or are looking to filter by severity, HORIZON® has the capacity. Management reports can be customized to include a large number of components, or just a critical few pieces of equipment. HORIZON® provides the tools to identify sample frequencyturnaround timeactions taken, or common problems.

Sample Schedule Report

How to run a sample schedule report in the HORIZON® web application. This report will help you to collect samples from equipment when they are due. Horizon experts will now take you through the process of running and reading the report.

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Turnaround Time Report

This report is used to track how long it takes for samples to be shipped to a location and tested in the labs. The data and graphs will help you to identify bottlenecks in your process. So you can increase how quickly you receive maintenance recommendations.

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Actions Taken Report

Regular use of the action-taken-feature will help ensure high severity reports are addressed. F.i. an overhaul can appear as abnormal wear. Notifying our data analysts beforehand allow them to adjust the revaluation and provide the best maintenance recommendations possible.

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Problem Summary Report

This report indicates common problems throughout fleet by both % and nr. of samples over a chosen period. Selecting a different reporttype will help gather even more detail. Save yourself some scrolling: freeze the top panel to keep the column row labels at place.

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In addition to managing reports, HORIZON® offers a one-of-a-kind service called DataConnect.

DataConnect gives you the option to automatically integrate your HORIZON® data into your own maintenance program.

Manage your fluid analysis program whenever you want, from wherever you want

with 24/7 access to the web-based HORIZON® application

Horizon® Mobile App

Horizon-Mobile-AppWith the HORIZON® Mobile App, you’re no longer tied to a computer to access your fluid analysis results. Receive sample report notifications and look up maintenance recommendations while in the field, around the plant or moving around the maintenance shop.

Any device running iOS 8 or higher can download HORIZON® mobile from the Apple App Store for free. Use your normal HORIZON® login and password to sign in, and you’re ready to go.

- Adjust alerts by fluid and severity
- Search, sort and filter sample reports
- View report summaries
- Download full reports as PDFs to view: Equipment details, Individual test results, Historic comments, Graphs
- Interacts with the database
- Access to all sample history

Get started today!

Go to the app store and search for “HORIZON® Mobile App”.

Horizon® Training

Learn how to use HORIZON®, our award-winning software solution, by viewing one of our free webinars below. Each session is taught by a HORIZON® expert who is available to answer any specific questions you may have by emailing custserv@eoilreports.com.

You can also walk through specific features in HORIZON® with any one of our short videos in the HORIZON® Tips video series. Learn how changing your settings, running management reports and a number of other valuable tips can kick your fluid analysis program up a notch.

Horizon® Training Part I

Introduction to Horizon

Introductory training for new HORIZON users.
This course will teach you how to track your sample’s progress through our laboratory, view your reports online, configure your account settings, and set or change subscription options.

Horizon® Training Part II

Simplify Equipment & Sample Management 

This course teaches core skills for daily HORIZON users, including adding and editing equipment lists, submitting and editing sample information online, placing specific equipment on watch, and using the interactive online sample reports.

Horizon® Training part III

Management Reports

Unlock the true power of a managed fluid analysis program with HORIZON Management Reports. These reports will help you pinpoint, track, and resolve issues – decreasing maintenance costs and equipment downtime.